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Christmas Ornaments 2013-2014 $14.00 + $2.50 s/h
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Christmas ornament
Color me a Mountaineer $5.00
by local Randolph County author, Shannon Bennett Campbell A child's coloring book. A tool to reinforce values and to learn about our WV culture.
Forgotten Towns by Steve Bodkins $32.50
A book to preserve the history of the towns along the Coal & Iron Railroad from Cheat junction to Durbin in Randolph County. Full of historical photos. If you are a railroad collector or fan, then this book is for you.
Hot Dogs from Almost Heaven $6.95 + $3.00 s/h
By Harry Lynch This book is full of hot dog chili recipes and hot dog humor.
Lewis County Deaths Volume lX(HC-7060-9) $35.00
This book contains the deaths recorded in the Lewis County Courthouse in Weston, WV for the time period January, 1975 through December 1985. These were copied from the original records contained in Lewis County Death Book No. 11, now on file in the Central WV Genealogy and History Library. It contains detailed death records of 2926 individuals. Information includes date and place of birth and death, residence, sex, race, marital status, cause of death, parents, cemetery, physician and funeral director when known. The volume is organized alphabetically by decedent and contains an index to parent names. It is 8 1/2 by 11, spiral bound and contains 585 pages, plus a 60 pg. parent index.
Off The Beaten Path West Virginia (HC7950) $16.95 + $3.95 s/h
This book will inspire you to get off the interstate, get on the back roads, and enjoy exploring the many spots West Virginia has to offer. The state is broken down into six regions. For each region you get detailed maps and directions; great places to eat and stay; and historical, cultural, and quirky activities and sites to visit. Get this book and treat yourself to some beautiful parts of West Virginia, "off the beaten path."
SPECIAL OFFER!! set of 4 Dr. Almond Books $55.00
Dr. Harold Almond was a well known Dr. in Upshur County for 40 yrs. The first book is stories by Dr. Almond of many unusual cases and happenings. The second book is by his son Greenbrier Almond, MD. of more stories told to him by his Father. The third book is by Greenbrier Almond, MD and is stories of his life growing up in the home of Dr. H. Almond. The fourth book is by Greenbrier Almond, MD and tells of his family's life and faith.
Stirring Up Memories $15.00 + $3.00 s/h
A new cook book from the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants. Book is 8"X10" with a total of 55 pages. Index: Appetizers, WV Specialties, Soups and Salads, Main Dishes, Sweets and Preserving Food. Recipes were collected from members, by members Beverly Robinson and Margie Price. Beverly and Margie created the cook book. Do You remember Mom or Grandma making wilted lettuce? The recipe is on page 23. How about a lazy way to make Apple Butter? Turn to pg. 55. Does your mouth water for old time veggie soup? Turn to pg. 18 Take those dandelions and turn them into a tasty salad. Turn to pg 14. Raised on poor man's gravy? Get the recipe on pg. 10. Need something real different? The try the Ramp Jame recipe on pg. 12. Book has many wonderful old timely recipes!
Way out in West Virginia 4th Edition $19.95
By Jeanne Mozier This book has over 600 photos and descriptions of some of the wildest and wackiest places to visit in WV.
Amelia Earhart Lives (7950BB) $12.95
It was Major Joseph Gervais who first started Operation Earhart in 1960 with a loose coalition of Air Force officers interested in finding the answer to the questions and mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. He began it with Paul Briand, Jr., an assistant professor of English at the Air Force Academy, who while doing research for his book "Daughter of the Sky" had run across a woman, then living in California, who as a child on Saipan in 1937 remembered seeing Amelia Earhart alive.Major Gervais looks into various stories and sightings about a woman who could possibly been Amelia. This book was published by Joe Klass and is hard cover in good condition. 272 pages.
Fire! Fire! (7950BB) $2.00
A small booklet written by Gail Gibbons explaining to children what happens in the event of a fire. Published in 1992. Paperback in fair condition.
Ghosts Of Fear Street (7950BB) $5.00
R.L.Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street paperbacks.These books will be sold as a set of 2. One is titled Hide and Shriek and the other Nightmare in 3-D. The books are in fair condition published in 1995.
Mountain Memories II (7950BB) $3.00
Written by J. Dennis Deitz in 1983. Illustrated by Steve Harrison. Mr. Deitz has written for his audience and not down to them as he recounts the stories of his youth and working years. These stories preserve the past for a rapidly changing society and lead the reader into their own recollections. 144 pages. Paperback in good condition.
Mountain Memories IV (7950BB) $3.00
Written in 1985 by J. Dennis Deitz. Continuing his series of books containing his recollections of his life. Also included are two short stories , totally fiction, which he has written.170 pages. Paperback in good condition.
Royalty for Commoners (7950BB) $15.99
Written by Roderick W. Stuart in 1988. Marks the first time in any language a complete publication is made on the genealogy of John of Gaunt, son of King Edward III and Queen Philippa of England. Hardback in good condition. 292 pages.
The Annals of Newberry in Two Parts (7950BB) $20.00
First part written by John Belton O'Neall, LL.D and the second part written by John A. Chapman, A.M. in 1974.Compiled information that is in the book started in 1850. Accounts of the great flood of August 1852, the injury to the Greenville and Columbia Railroad and the memoirs of William Spencer Brown, the engineer who drowned in that flood. Also contains the sentence on Motley and Blackledge, the notice of Governor Johnson and the letter of Mr. Pope. 816 pages. Fair condition. Paperback with loose pages and some underlining.
The Berenstain Bears (7950BB) $5.00
Set of 4 Berenstain Bear books by Stan & Jan Berenstain with a copyright of 1981. The books are paperback in fair condition. The titles of the books are as follows: Visit the Dentist, Go Out for the Team, the Sitter and the Truth.
The Book of Giant Stories (7950BB) $5.00
Hardcover children's book written by David L. Harrison and illustrated by Philippe Fix. Published in 1972. 44 pages in good condition.
The Boxcar Children (7950BB) $12.00
Set of 4 Boxcar Children's books written by Gertrude Chandler Warner. These books are paperback in fair condition. The titles of the books are as follows: Mike's Mystery vol.#5,The Boxcar Children vol.#1, The Woodshed Mystery vol#7 and Blue Bay Mystery vol.#6.
The Cam Henderson Story - His Life and Times (7950BB) $10.00
Written by Sam Clagg in1981. Covering the life and times of Cam Henderson from early home life through his illustrious career as coach of all sports. Hard cover with original book cover. Good condition. 400 pages.
The Sesame Street Library (7950BB) $18.00
Volume 1,2,3,4. Featuring the letters A through I and the numbers 1 through 4 with the last copyright date of 1978. Hardcover books in fair condition. Set of 4 sold at one price.
Wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia (7950BB) $12.50
By Augusta B. Fothergill in 1925 and reprinted in 1982. Volume of abstract wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia. Contents will be of great assistance in compiling family records and establishing many historical facts. 229 pages. Paperback in fair condition, binding needs some work.
Yeager (7950BB) $4.99
Published in 1985. The story is all here, in Yeager's own words, and in wonderful reminiscences from his wife, Glennis, and those friends and colleagues who have known him best. Glennis's contributions to the book, as indeed to Yeager's life, are especially important for what they tell us about the day to day strain of living with a man who daily braved death in the skies... about the special kind of heroism it takes for a young woman to raise a family of four in the bleak Mojave desert in primitive makeshift lodgings. Yeager's exciting, entertaining and and immensely revealing book is a one of a kind portrait of a true American hero. 340 pages, hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.
Birth Records of Lewis County, WV, Vol. I - V
Softbound. Indexed. Volume I (HC-7061) 1853-1868, 138 pgs.; Volume II (HC-7062) 1869-1877, 132pgs.; Volume III (HC-7063) 1878-1892,150 pgs.; Volume IV (HC-7064) 1893-1903, 158 pgs.; Volume V (HC-7065) 1904-1916,114 pgs
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Birth Records of Lewis County, WV, Vol. VI ( HC-7078) $20.00
Birth records for Lewis County 1917-1929. Compiled by Hartzel and Alan Strader. From the Lewis Count y Courthouse Birth Records. Soft-bound. Indexed. 305 pages.
Birth Records of Lewis County, WV, Vols. I - V CD (HC-7105CD) $35.00
Same as the above five volumes, except all volumes are on one CD in PDF format.
Braxton County, West Virginia Births, Vol. I -V
Compiled by HCPD members Nettie and Lisa Gregory. Softbound . Volume I (HC-7301)includes years 1853-1860. 82 pgs.; Volume II (HC-7303)includes 1865-1870. 36 pgs.; Vol. III (HC-7304) includes 1871-1880. 88 pgs.; Vol. IV (HC-7306 )includes 1881-1890. 103 pgs.; Vol. V (HC-7307) includes 1891-1899. 112 pgs.
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Particles of Glass: Birth Dates of Members of the Window Glass Cutters League of America $7.00
Compiled by Joy Gregoire Gilchrist-Stalnaker dates are as recorded on 19 May 1941. Records from glass plants in WV, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Illinois. Softbound. HC-7953)37 pgs.
Webster County, West Virginia Births, Vol. I - II $10.00
Compiled by Nettie Bregory from WPA Records.Vol.I (HC-7250) contains years 1888-1899. Softbound 43 pgs. Vol II (HC-7251) contains years 1900-1908. Softbound, 47 pgs.
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1810 Census Harrison County, (W)V (HC-7076) $5.00
Softbound, 65 pgs.
1810 Census Monongalia County, (W)V (HC_7202) $5.00
Softbound, 43 pgs.
1830 Census Lewis County, (W)V (HC-7066) $5.00
Compiled by Linda B. Meyers. Softbound, 43 pgs.
1840 Census Lewis County, (W)V (HC-7067 $5.00
Compiled by Linda B. Meyers, Softbound 68 pgs.
1850 Lewis County (WV) Slave Schedule (HC-7120) $4.00
Compiled by Linda B. Meyers. 10 pgs.
1850 Wood County (WV) Slave Schedule (HC-7121) $2.00
Compiled by Linda B. Meyers, Softbound, 5 pgs.
1870 Census Barbour County, WV (HC-7095) $15.00
compiled by Joy Gilchrist and Marian Challender. Indexed. Softbound, 139 pgs.
1880 West Virginia Census (HC-7400BM)
Compiled by William Marsh. Fourteen hard bound volumes with three or four counties per volume. Volume 14 is the Index to all the surnames for West Virginia 1880. The census is compiled in alphabetical order by county. The counties as they appear in the volumes are: Volume I - Lewis, Upshur, Taylor, and Barbour; Volume II - Randolph, Pendleton, Pocahontas, Webster, Tucker, Grant, Hardy, and Mineral; Volume III - Harrison, Doddridge, Gilmer, and Calhoun; Volume IV - Braxton, Clay, Nicholas, Fayette, Raleigh, and Wyoming; Volume V - Ritchie, Wood, and Wirt; Volume VI - Monongalia, Preston, and Marion; Volume VII - Pleasant, Marshall, Tyler, and Wetzel; Volume VIII - Roane, Kanawha, and Boone; Volume IX - Greenbrier, Monroe, Summers, Mercer, and McDowell; Volume X - Jackson, Putnam, and Mason; Volume XI - Cabell, Wayne, Lincoln, and Logan; Volume XII - Ohio, Brooke, and Hancock; Volume XIII - Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson. Per volume $20.00 Vol XIV- Complete index to names in volumes I-XIII. Per volume $30.00 . Volume II is no longer available
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1880 West Virginia Census (HC-7400BM)
Continuation of above item. Drop-down list for ordering Volume XII, Volume XIII and Volume XIV (Index)
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1890 West Virginia Veterans Schedule- Mountain Region (HC-7985C) $15.00
Transcribed by E.J. Skidmore. Includes Randolph, Pocahontas, Pendleton, Tucker, Hardy and Grant. Soft back, spiral bound. 88 pgs. Plus index.
1890 West Virginia Veterans Schedule- Mountain Region (HC-7985CD) $10.00
Same as above except on CD.
1890 West Virginia Veterans Schedule- North Central Region (HC-7990C) $40.00
Transcribed by E.J. Skidmore and J.M. Ware. Includes the counties of Taylor, Preston, Marion, Doddridge, Harrison, Monongalia and Barbour. Soft back bound. 387 pages including index
Same as above except on CD.
1900 Census Lewis County, WV (HC-7068) $20.00
Compiled by Anna Newman, Softbound, 240 pgs.
1910 Census Doddridge County, WV (HC-7071) $15.00
compiled by Meredith E. Dando and Susie D. Nicholson. Indexed, softbound. 145 pgs.
1920 Census Barbour County, WV (HC-7350) $25.00
compiled by Julia Ann Charlton Stewart, indexed, softbound, 340 pgs.
1920 Census Braxton County, WV (HC-7302) $35.00
compiled by Nettie Gregory. Indexed, softbound, 445 pgs.
1920 Census Gilmer County, WV (HC-7349) $25.00
compiled by William Marsh, Alphabetized. 148 pgs.
1920 Census Lewis County, WV (HC-7347) $35.00
compiled by Nettie Gregory, indexed, softbound, 414 pgs.
1920 Census Lewis County, WV (HC-7348CD) $25.00
Same as above except on CD
1920 Census Webster County, WV (HC-7351C) $25.00
Compiled by Nettie Gregory. indexed, softbound, 170 pgs. Also available on CD.
1920 Census Webster County, WV (HC-7352CD) $20.00
Same as above except on CD.
by Melinda Chambers. Illustrated by Sue Ann Spiker. Chambers states that nature provides us with numerous lessons if we are willing to listen and observe. This is a story about the wonders in the forest as seen through the eyes of an owlet. The wise father owl explains to his son in a light-hearted way that he can’t be something he’s not, because he is whoooo he is. Throughout the day the two owls observe various birds in the forest and the wise owl proceeds to explain whoooo they are. The crows are the morning wake-up call in the forest, the robins are great nurturers, the mockingbirds are the forest gossips, the sparrows have beautiful songs to share, the vultures provide order to the forest, the bluebirds bring a slice of happiness, the blue jays can be destructive, and the mourning doves bring peace in the forest. The owlet is content to accept that all birds have a purpose and are whoooo they are until he sees a young boy walking in the forest. The surprise ending reminds the reader that we have the ability to choose whoooo we want to be. Hardback, 31 pages.
And We Helped (7950 MSC-4) $16.95
A delightful children's book written by Melinda Chambers in 2012. The book includes sepia tinted pictures of her grandchildren and their friends as she shows them how to make homemade bread.She not only teaches them how to make the bread but also incorporates math, science, reading comprehension, team building and social science skills in the process. Hardback, 32 pages.
FRAIDY CAT (HC-7950MSC3) $16.95
By Melinda Chambers, illustrated by Sue Ann Maxwell Spiker. Third in her series of children’s books, this book teaches another life lesson. Fraidy Cat learns one of life’s lessons by trying to overcome his fear of leaving his safe shelf in the barn. Mama Cat takes his brothers and sisters out to explore and Fraidy Cat can’t muster the courage to take his first leap into life until he gets help from a most unusual creature. This book has received award status as finalist for Best Children’s Educational Book and finalist for Best Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit book by USABookNews.com., which is the premiere online magazine and review Web site for mainstream and independent publishing houses. 32 pages, hardback.
by Melissa Bucheimer. A new West Virginia author, Melissa’s first book, is a cute story about a young angel, whom God is sending to Earth to be a child. Matthew, the little angel doesn’t want to go. He wants to stay with God. Matthew makes a series of promises, including: Polishing the sun twice a day, shaping the clouds, and coloring the water. The water is the hardest because it is always moving. Does Matthew get to stay with God, or does he end up as a child on Earth? Softbound, 32 pages. .
No, Piper, No (HC-7950KM) $8.99
This is local author Kim Mulneix first children's book. The story follows Piper, the puppy on her adventures as she learns a lesson about how doing the right thing at the right time just might save the day. Soft Cover, 22 pages.
Santa is Coming to WV $9.95 + $3.00 s/h
Written by Steve Smallman and illustrated by Robert Dunn & Stefano Azzalin Beautiful hard back book! Take a trip with Santa as he delivers toys to families in WV.
Take Me Home Country Roads $8.95
Adapted and illustrated by Christopher Canyon. This is a beautiful illustrated book for children of the song by John Denver "Take me Home Country Roads"
has just recently been released. While digging up a luscious bone, the puppy digs up Beulah’s beautiful garden of snapdragons. Mother dog tells her young pup about the care Beulah had given her snapdragons and how, years ago, chipmunks tried to destroy the flourishing flowers. Puppy learns that caring for gardens…and puppies…can get them through the rough times and if the roots are strong, the garden will flower again. Author Melinda Chambers brings one of life’s best lessons to life: if the foundation of life is strong you can snap back even better than before…just like Beulah’s snapdragons. The beautiful illustrations by Sue Ann Spiker make this a delightful story for all ages. Hardback, 30 pages.
Author Anna Lee Robe-Terry forages for wild foods and describes their preparation and uses. In her own colorful language, Anna Lee shares a rural family heritage in a narrative generously laced with anecdotes about life in the mountains. The result is a rich compilation of hundreds of delicious recipes, the ingredients available and free for the picking. From paw-paw pudding to mincemeat pie using wild meat, a reader will find fulfillment for the soul, palate and pocketbook. Softbound
27 pgs. Of recipes using stone ground corn and wheat. Contains different recipes from the first volume. Some prepared using newer methods of cooking and main dish recipes to serve with corn bread. Edited by Erseline Rumbach. Paperback.
by Barbara Beury McCallum. Preserved here are typical down-home recipes (some converted to use with modern appliances and/or convenience products) which are not to say that West Virginia doesn't have its share of sophisticated cooks and dining places. After all, The Greenbrier, is internationally known for its cuisine, and many culinary school graduates are chefs at various West Virginia restaurants. This cookbook will keep your family eating well, using simple ingredients, with "old West Virginia family recipes" to leave to your children, and their children. 190 pages, soft cover.
a collection from HCPD-L, edited by Mary Creamer 198 pages of recipes submitted by members of HCPD-L.
Reekin ramp Recipes (HC-7950RA) $6.95
A cookbook featuring one of West Virginia's unique foods, Ramps. You either love them or hate them. The late great WV writer Jim Comstock said "Don't let the horror stories about ramp odor scare you off...a ramp is just an onion that hasn't been civilized or had the fear of the Lord driven into it." This little book has many wonderful ramp recipes.
31 pages of recipes using stone ground corn and wheat compiled by Joy Gilchrist Stalnaker and Erseline Rumbach. Paperback.
compiled by Dr. Nancy A. Jackson. These are the abstracts of the loose papers in the Lewis County Circuit Court covering 1786-1836.. Every effort has been made to include anything of a genealogical nature from these precious papers. Indexed. 58 pages.
ABSTRACTS OF LEWIS COUNTY, WV, DEED BOOKS A, B, & C (1817-1827) (HC-7031) $15.00
abstracted by Becky Brogie, Charles Gilchrist, Joy Gilchrist, Diane Miller and Mo Taylor . 126 pages, soft-bound, surname index
Abstracted by Okey P. Corley and indexed by Linda B. Meyers, 164 pages and fully indexed, contains more than 17,000 names involved in guardianships, people assigned to poor house, land disputes, assessments, licenses for various purposes, etc. This book is especially helpful because county records for the Civil War period (1861-1865) are so very sparse. Were we rating books, we would call it a four-star book.
compiled by Okey Corley from actual court records, this book details the layout in the roads and persons appointed as overseers of same. Indexed by Joy Gilchrist. Softbound, 126 pgs.
LEWIS COUNTY, WV, RECORDER’S OFFICE 1863-1872 (HC-7034) $15.00
A MUST HAVE FOR RESEARCHERS OF LEWIS COUNTY 1863-1872! CONTAINS 900+ LEWIS COUNTY SURNAMES! This old county recorder's book tells of all transactions that passed through the hands of what is today's county clerk. This book covers the period of Lewis County from the establishment of West Virginia to 1872 when the state constitution was re-written. Contains guardianships, apprenticeships, wills, executors, estate settlements, grantors and grantees of deeds, and much more. Transcribed by Okey P. Corley. Fully indexed by Linda B. Meyers. 149 pages, soft-bound.
Pioneer Index Randolph County, West Virginia ( 7573C) $35.00
Large soft cover book of 325 pages edited by Lauren D'Ablemont Ragland. Illustrated by A. Gervais. A collection of original records, oral histories, orphans cemetery headstones, immigration, naturalization, births, marriages, land grants and military records for Randolph County.
RITCHIE COUNTY, WV LEDGER 1863: Assessors Records (HC-7275) $10.00
Marci O’Malley transcribed this 1863 ledger from the original which HCPD purchased from e-bay. There are 42 handwritten pages containing more than 200 Ritchie County surnames. Some birth, death information for Ritchie County during the Civil War is also in this book.
VOTERS REGISTRATION LIST 1906 “ Hackers Creek & Fre emans Creek", (HC-7101) $6.00
compiled by Okey Corley and edited by Nora Corley. Softbound, 67 pgs.
compiled by Doris M. Radabaugh and Mary E. Radabaugh and released in February 2005. The census includes biographical information when known of those interred. The 146 page loose-leaf notebook includes a table of contents and an index. Females are indexed by married and maiden names. Genealogical information obtained by searching records in courthouses, visiting cemeteries, census records, reading obituaries and conversations with relatives and friends of the deceased.
Compiled by Doris M. Radabaugh and Mary E. Radabaugh and released in May 2006. It includes biographical information when known of those interred. The 268 page loose-leaf notebook includes a table of contents and an index. Females are indexed by married and maiden names. Genealogical information obtained by searching records in courthouses, visiting cemeteries, census records, reading obituaries and conversations with relatives and friends of the deceased. .
Compiled by Doris M. Radabaugh and Mary E. Radabaugh released November 2001 and updated May 2003. Loose leaf notebook containing 174 pages. Includes a table of contents and an index.
compiled by Doris M. Radabaugh and Mary E. Radabaugh. Released in November 2003. The census includes biographical information when known of those interred. The 314 page loose-leaf notebook includes a table of contents and an index. Females are listed in the index by married and maiden names. Genealogical information obtained by searching records in courthouses, visiting cemeteries (some several times), census records, reading obituaries, and conversations with relatives and friends of the deceased.
Twelve volumes compiled by Matha Byrd with assistance from HCPD members. Readings of various cemeteries in Lewis, Braxton, and Harrison counties, WV, with additions from extant obituaries. Each volume is indexed, softback and staple bound Volume I, 170 pgs. - HC-7081 $15.00 ;Volume I,182 pgs. - HC-7082; $15.00 Volume III,223 pgs. - HC-7083- $15.00; Volume IV,182 pgs - HC-7084- $15.00; Volume V, 192 pgs - HC-7085- $15.00; Volume VI(Broad Run), 162 pgs - HC-7086- $15.00; Volume VII, 167 pgs - HC-7087- $15.00; Volume VIII (Machpelah Cem213 pgs) - HC-7073, $15.00; Volume IX(Forest Lawn118 pgs) - HC-7074- $15.00; Volume X(Masonic, 172 pgs) - HC-7075- $15.00; Volume XI, 123 pgs HC-7077 $15.00; VolumeXII - (Burials at Weston State Hospita), 63 pgs-, HC-7080, $10.00 (Contact us for a list of Cemeteries covered in each volume)
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Continuation of item above. Volume XI.123 pgs - HC-7077, $15.00; Volume XII(Weston State Hospital Burials)-HC-7080, $10.00.
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Compiled by Hartzel Strader and Alan Strader. From the Lewis County Court House Death Records. Soft bound. Index. Volume I 1853-1886, 169 pgs - HC-7051; Volume II 1887-1905, 169 pgs. - HC-7052; Volume III 1906-1929, 163 pgs - HC-7053; Volume IV 1930-1940, 145 pgs - HC-7054; Volume V 1941-1955, 192 pgs - HC-7060. $15.00 ea.
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Compiled by Hartzel Strader and Alan Strader. Contains the first five volumes as listed above on one CD-Rom.
Lewis County Death Records Vol. IX 1975-1985 (7060-9) $35.00
This volume of Lewis County Death Records contains the transcription of deaths recorded in the Lewis County Court House in Weston, WV for the period of January 1975 - December 1985. These are copied from the original records contained in Lewis County Death Book No.11 now on file in the Central WV Genealogy and History Library. It contains detailed death records of 2924 individuals. Information includes date & place of birth and death, residence, sex, race, marital status, cause of death, parents, cemetery, physician and funeral director when known. The volume is organized alphabetically by decedent and contains an index to parent names. It is 8 1/2 x 11, spiral bound, containing 585 pages plus a 60 page parent index.
Lewis County Deaths Volume VI (HC-7060-6) $35.00
This much anticipated volume of Lewis County Deaths contains the transcriptions of deaths recorded in the Lewis Courthouse in Weston, WV for the time period of July, 1955 through December 1961. These were copied from the original records contained in Lewis County Death Book No. 8 now on file in the Central West Virginia Genealogy and History Library. It contains detailed death records of 2911 individuals. Information includes date and place of birth and death, residence, sex, race, marital status, cause of death, parents, cemetery, physician and funeral director when known. The volume is organized alphabetically by decedent and contains an index to parent names. It is 8 1/2x11, spiral bound, containing 583 pages plus a 49 page index.
Lewis County Deaths Volume VII (HC07060-7) $38.00
This much anticipated volume of Lewis County Deaths contains the transcriptions of deaths recorded in the Lewis Courthouse in Weston, WV for the time period of January, 1962 through September, 1968. These were copied from the original typewritten records contained in Lewis County Death Book No. 9 now on file in the Central West Virginia Genealogy and History Library. It contains detailed death records of 3295 individuals. Information includes date and place of birth and death, residence, sex, race, marital status, cause of death, parents, cemetery, physician and funeral director when known. The volume is organized alphabetically by decedent and contains an index to parent names. It is 8 1/2x11, spiral bound, containing 659 pages plus a 58 page index.
Lewis County Deaths Volume VIII (HC-7060-8) $35.00
This latest volume of Lewis County Deaths contains the transcriptions of deaths recorded in the Lewis Courthouse in Weston, WV for the time period of October, 1968 through December, 1974. These were copied from the original typewritten records contained in Lewis County Death Book No. 10 now on file in the Central West Virginia Genealogy and History Library. It contains detailed death records of 2786 individuals. Information includes date and place of birth and death, residence, sex, race, marital status, cause of death, parents, cemetery, physician, and funeral director when known. The volume is organized alphabetically by decedent and contains an index to parent names. It is 8 1/2x11, spiral bound, containing 558 pages plus a 53 page parent index.
compiled by Anna and Jay Newman. Extant obituaries for Lewis Co., WV 1846-1939 in a series of five books. 1846 - 1899 (94 pages) - HC-7005 $8.00; 1900-1909 (74 pages) - HC-7004 $8.00; 1910-1919 (100 pages) - HC-7003 $8.00;. 1920-1929 (236 pages) - HC-7002 $20.00; and 1930-1939 (256 pages) HC-7001 $20.00.
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compiled by Matha Byrd for HCPD. These books include all of the obituaries, births and marriage from 1939-1941 as listed in the Weston Independent, the former paper of Lewis County. 1939-40, , 134 pgs - HC-7015; 1941, 118 pgs HC-7016. $10.00 ea.
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1944-1945, 1948-1949, compiled by Matha Byrd for HCPD. These books include all of the obituaries, births and marriage from the two years included in each publication as listed in the Weston Independent, the former paper of Lewis County. 1942-1943, 183 pgs - HC-7014; 1944-1945, 203 pgs. - HC-7012; 1948-1949, 188 pgs - HC-7013. $15.00 ea.
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compiled by Matha Byrd for HCPD. 1951,84 pgs. - HC-7017; 1958, 107 pgs. - HC-7018; 1959, 85 pgs. - HC-7019; 1962, 108 pgs - HC-7020. $8.00 ea.
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WESTON DEMOCRAT OBITUARIES by Gerald Hannon (HC -7006CD) $25.00
This CD contains information taken from the Weston Democrat newspapers of the year 1975 complete, 1987 partial, 1988 partial, 1989 partial, 1998 complete, 1999 complete, 2000 complete, 2001 complete, 2002 complete, 2003 complete. Information from the stork report, obituaries, lifestyles, up close and personal, along with other articles that gave information about individuals that could be used for family research was entered into a family tree file with an attempt to creates as close to correct entries as possible. Reference to over 55,000 people on the disk. Author Hannon is certain that there are errors and he invites your input.
by the late Dr. James Woofter, published in March 2000. Edited by Doris Radabaugh and published by his widow, Grace Woofter, the 676 page volume includes the families of five of the six known children of John and Elizabeth who came to what was later Gilmer County, West Virginia. They include John R., Townsend, George, Henry Milo, and Nancy. A son, William, is believed to have never married. John R. settled in Ritchie County; Townsend, George, William, and Nancy remained in Gilmer County; and Henry Milo lived in the part of Gilmer County that later became Calhoun County. After many years of research, the information Dr. Woofter collected is in one indexed, hardbound volume (81/2x11”) printed by Carlisle Printing, Walnut Creek. Ohio.
Descendants of Henry McWhorter (1760-1848) CD (HC-7983C) $35.00
Descendants of Henry McWhorter (1760-1848) CD (HC-7983C) UPDATED! Compiled by Celeste Kvetensky, July 2011. This is a much awaited work that furthers the original McWhorter history, “History of the Henry McWhorter Family of New Jersey and West Virginia” published by Minnie S. McWhorter in 1948. Celeste has done much additional research and also contacted many McWhorter descendants who have added their research to this work since 2009. Now available in CD format.
Researched and compiled by Cecil E. Stalnaker and edited by Martin L. Yokum, this 491 page book explores the descendants of Capt. Samuel Stalnaker, Pioneer Frontiersman, hunter, trader and friend of the Cherokee. Published in 1982. 491 pages. Mostly indexed.
A Swisher Family History (HC-7574) $15.00
by Robert Edward Swisher, published in 2011. This genealogy traces the descendants of Mary and Peter Swisher. This supplements and updates a family history published in 1974. Soft Cover. 112 pgs.
BENJAMIN LIGHTBOURNE/LIGHTBURN of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and His Descendants (HC-7950RCL) $30.00
by Robert C. Lightburn. This book includes most of the descendants of Benjamin Lightbourne/Lightburn of Westmoreland County , PA. The emphasis is on the descendants of his second son, Benjamin Lightburn (1796-1878). Includes the descendants of General Joseph Andrew Jackson Lightburn. Also includes families of Hayden, Fell, Dunn, Duckett, Johnson and Hodson. Hardbound. 486 pages plus index. Published 2003.
By Russell J. Stout and Olive M. Stout. Approximately 100 pages. . Now on CD with NO illustrations.
Descendants of Henry McWhorter (1760-1848) CD (HC-7983C) $35.00
UPDATED! Compiled by Celeste Kvetensky, July 2011. This is a much awaited work that furthers the original McWhorter history, “History of the Henry McWhorter Family of New Jersey and West Virginia” published by Minnie S. McWhorter in 1948. Celeste has done much additional research and also contacted many McWhorter descendants who have added their research to this work since 2009. Now available in CD format.
DON NORMAN FILES ON CD-Rom HC-7617) $35.00
One CD-Rom containing all files compiled by Don Norman as shown on our website There are times that the information you receive will be more current than that shown on the website. This disk was last updated Dec. 26, 2010.
A collection of five- generation charts complied by members of HCPD. Indexed. Vol. I (290 charts) - HC-7041; Vol. II (178 charts) - HC-7042; Vol. III (340 charts) - HC-7043; Vol. IV (178 charts) - HC-7044; Vol. V (136 charts) - HC-7045; Vol. VI (134 charts) - HC-7046; Vol. VII (192 charts) - HC-7047; Vol. VIII (114 charts) - HC-7048; Vol. IX (128 charts – 490 surnames) - HC-7164; Vol. X (150 charts) – HC-7165; Vol. XI (Family Group Records, 477 surnames) – HC-7040; $17/volume.
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Continuation of above category. A collection of five- generation charts complied by members of HCPD. Indexed. Vol. XI (Family Group Records, 477 surnames) – HC-7040; $17/volume.
Compiled By Lolita Guthrie. Bible records and other stories compiled in a Bible records project of the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram. Volume I April-Sept 1932 -146 pgs.- HC-7450; Volume II, October 1932 - February 1933, 156 pgs. - HC-7451. Volume III March 1933 thru August 1933, 146 pgs. – HC-7452 Volume IV August 1933-December, 1933, 128 pgs..-HC7453 Some records hundreds of years old. Indexed. $15.00 per volume
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Genealogy of more than 3600 surnames and 55,000 names in the database researched and compiled by the late Hartzel G. Strader in the decade before his death in 2002. Gedcom format can be imported into your genealogy program as a separate file. On CD.
with tax/census addendum, compiled by Jeff Carr 29 pgs.
CD of the 788 page book written by Joy Gregoire Gilchrist and edited by Marian Waters Challender. Originally published in 1990, Contains all information from original book except the pictures, Appendix I (about 20 marriage dates) Appendix II (listing of all Squires Land Deeds in WB Counties prior to 1935), and Appendix IV (Reprint of Goldenseal article about Junior, Barbour County) The disk is readable in *.doc format or can be sent in Adobe Acrobat format. Additionally, all pertinent facts are available in FTM format on the same disk. Included in the text of the book are histories and genealogies of some other families. These include, but are not limited to: Fortney, Poling, Martin, Hornbeck, Pitzer, Moats, Fawcett, Gull, Smell, Hacker, Fleming, Rollins, Haffer, Freeland, Wilkens, Horchler, Brain, Dudley, Freeland, Pell, Britton and McGinnis.
Stories of a West Virginia Doctor's Son (7567C3) $15.00
Following the path of his father, Dr. Harold Almond, who published his memoirs in The Stories of a West Virginia Doctor, Dr Greenbrier Almond now shares his own stories. He offers a unique perspective on growing up the son of a country doctor in the heart of Appalachia. His recollections, which center around family, friends, school, expanding horizons, community life, and Upshur County, are humorous and heartwarming. At the same time, much can be gained from his insights and life lessons learned. The book has 116 pages and is a paperback.
Otis and Betty Reed researched and wrote this booklet for visitors to what is now the Louis Bennett public library in Weston. Numerous photos and drawings of one of West Virginia National Register of Historic Places sites. 30 pages. Paperback.
by Nettie Robinson Gregory. Published in 2006, this book gives the reader some information and history of the family under one cover. It is about Isaac Gregory’s descendants. They are the legacy he left behind Beside the name of the person being discussed will be their line back to Colonel Isaac in parentheses. There should be plenty of space for readers to add their own notes of corrections and additions. Many records are cited and many photographs included. 486 pages, soft bound book..
The Sycamore’s Seedlings: A Genealogy of Samuel Pringle HC-7559C $21.95
by Jerry Pringle. Samuel Pringle was the first settler near present day Buckhannon, WV. His home was the cavity of a Sycamore tree at the mouth of Turkey Run. This Sycamore, the first truly prefab, was about 11 feet across and on Indian land where white men had never tread. Taking care so Indian hunting parties would not notice his presence, he lived off the land without the benefits settlements or condiments offer. Living about 200 miles from any community, his brother, rifle, and forest animals were his only companions to lessen the loneliness of those isolated years. The tree is a third generation Sycamore; named the “Pringle Tree” it is a historical monument. This book follows Samuel’s descendents as they grow and build their families. The author has advanced degrees in Management and Human Relations. Trained as an investigator and analyst, he has many years of experience putting together cases from information obtained through interview and found in documents. He is an eighth generation grandson who, after retirement, decided to apply those skills to the genealogy of Samuel Pringle. 289 pages. Softbound and indexed. .
WILLIAM HURST OF WEST VIRGINIA, A Genealogical Collection of his Descendants (HC-7038) $30.00
compiled by Connie Street & Lora Ruth Hurst 370 pgs
2015 Gathering
The 2015 Gathering will be August 6 -9, 2015. This years theme is "Family" Like branches on a Tree we Grow in Different Directions. Please refer to News and Announcement Page to download the schedule. PLEASE!! let me know for Saturdays Meal whether you want Chicken or Steak. The event is well attended by our members and open to those who would like to join. We look forward to seeing you and appreciate your support. Please call (304) 269-7091 or email hcpd@hackerscreek.com if you have any questions.
Days attending,food and membership
chicken or steak on Sat,
A Woman of Courage on the West Virginia Frontier (7950) $21.99
Robert Thompson first read about his fraternal fifth great-grandmother in the 1980's when reading a series of genealogical monograms written in 1979. Further inspiration for his story came when he had a chance to visit Prickett's Fort near Fairmont, West Virginia which was the site of Phebe's marriage to Thomas Cunningham. At that moment the idea of Phebe became more than just a name on the family tree. After seeking and finding the location of Phebe and Thomas's homestead he was overcome with emotion and decided that this was a story needing to be told. After thorough research of the culture and society of the settlers and Native Americans he put together this intriguing story of these frontier pioneers. Paperback, 158 pages
by Betty Larosa, local author from Bridgeport WV. Why would wealthy Philip Creighton leave his bride of only seven months to join the Union Army at the outset of the Civil War – with the hope of being killed? This is the unsettling question at the heart of the new historical novel in which love, war, betrayal and retribution collide as a tragic romance fights for survival. Phillip has fallen in love with Samantha Ryder. But his manipulative mother, Ursula, disapproves because Samantha is too sophisticated, too smart – and of the wrong religion. In her place, Ursula chooses Elizabeth Stockton, a ruthless beauty who married Philip solely for his money. Philip is devastated, and when he later discovers the truth about why Samantha left him, he watches and waits. Philip is wounded during a series of battles around Richmond. With his men worn down from endless fighting and meager rations, Philip decides to rest the company at a plantation outside Petersburg called Howard Hill. But he has no idea of the calamity that awaits him there. Hardback, 185 pages. Softback, 185 pgs.
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Betty Larosa continues the saga of the Creighton family. After the Civil War, Philip Creighton returns to Creighton's Crossroads a changed man. Still grieving his loss, he wishes nothing more than to settle into a peaceful existence. But can he? Given the rumors circulating about his scandalous involvement with Caroline, he faces a backlash of moral outrage not only from his family but the entire town. His life is shattered by a shocking murder from an unexpected source, an event that changes the direction of his life. On Christmas Eve 1867, his family's last cruel act toward his two year old son drives Philip over the edge, forcing him to acknowledge at last that returning to Crossroads has been nothing but a disaster. With a dramatic flourish before abandoning his past, Philip unleashes a bombshell that stuns the entire town, sending the message that, like his father, Philip knows how to repay. Hardback, 186 pages, Soft back 186 pages.
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by Betty Larosa. In this fourth and final episode of the Creighton Family Saga, Philip Creighton, now a prominent banker and newspaper publisher in 1890 San Francisco resists becoming involved in a shady business deal. By doing so, he sets off a chain reaction of blackmail, threats, and revenge. This event re-opens wounds of the past when Philip’s 24-year old son Chandler learns of his father’s long-hidden secret. After an emotional confrontation with Philip, Chandler leaves San Francisco, vowing never to return. Hardback, 416 pgs. ; Softback, 416 pgs.
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by Albert L. Richardson. From the rolling hill country of West Virginia, blanketed in perfectly expresses seasons, Al Richardson unfolds his tale of growing up without a father on a farm during the Great Depression. He talks of the trials and joys of scratching a living out of the hard-scrabble hills while surrounded by a loving extended family, who shaped and prepared him to face the fears and diversity of WWII and military service. Soft cover. 168 pgs.
Betty Larosa continues the story of Philip Creighton, a Union colonel who is forced to confront his distrust of women on a journey of self-discovery, love and loss amidst the horrors of war. It’s June, 1864. The exhausted Union cavalry company arrives at Howard Hill plantation. Col. Creighton summarily informs Caroline Howard, the widowed mistress of the plantation, that he is confiscating her home. Helpless to stop the intimidating officer, Caroline nevertheless stands up to him. Philip admires her show of courage but he wonders: Is she like the other women who have betrayed his trust and caused so much pain? It is a question he cannot escape as a few days of rest stretch into a 10-month siege of Petersburg, VA., spanning the most transformative period of Philip’s life. Caroline helps transform Philip’s outlook from bitter disillusionment to hopefulness for the future. But that future may not include Caroline, who makes an unexpected discovery that unravels their plans. At war’s end, ill and grief-stricken, Philip struggles to overcome the demons of his past while learning to deal with the loss of all that is precious to him. Hardback 302 pages. HC-7950HHBL. $27.00. Soft back, 302 pages. HH-7950HHBL-$22.50.
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Memoirs of a Modern Day Drifter (HC-7950RB) $15.95
Local author Ron Brown is a Vietnam veteran and world traveler. He has drawn on a lifetime of experience in a wide variety of lifestyles to bring this tale to fruition. From Paris to Panama City, San Antonio to Saigon, Lima to Los Angeles this story follows the adventures and misadventures of a man who lived most of his life in the shadows. Reared in the hard-scrabble coal camps of WV, he spent a lifetime looking for and finding trouble across four continents. Soft Cover, 252pgs
NIGHT TERRORS (HC-7561C) $10.00
David S. Parks. David’s second book, which has just been released, tells the story of Joey, a nine year old boy who lives in Deerfield, WV. Joey’s childhood was normal until he began having nightmares. As the nightmares get worse his parents take him to a local psychiatrist, Dr. Robert, who works with Joey to try to stop them. The nightmares guide Dr. Robert and Joey on an adventure that leads them to discover small pieces of an unknown puzzle connected to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.(formerly Weston State Hospital).
by Rock Foster. The pioneers of the late 18th century were undaunted despite living under the constant fear of Indian attack, wild animals and often impossible living conditions, but, were these their greatest threat! What about the land speculators of the eastern cities? How could the courts put them out of the very cabins they had built with their sweat and take away the ferry which held such promise there on the banks of the Gauley River? Experience life with these children of the wilderness on the American frontier long before it reached the Ohio River. Journey with the Hughes family as they leave the security of the tidewater and travel into the forested Promised Land of western Virginia. Hardback, 403 pages.
Return to Dallback Ridge (7560C) $10.00
The latest installment of author David S. Parks is a fascinating thriller. 117 pages, paperback. After returning to New York, Don and Jeff attempt to put the past behind them. After struggling with their conscience Don and Jeff head back to Weston to find out what happened to Sgt. Nash. The trip once again produces more questions that answers. Don and Jeff find themselves back at Dallback Ridge Church and may not make it out alive.
David S. Parks. David was born and raised in Weston, WV and has lived there almost all of his life. He is the youngest of four children born to Don and Carole Parks. David graduated from Glenville State College with his Bachelors Degree and graduated from the University of Cincinnati with his Master’s Degree. He is employed in law enforcement. David’s first book “The Mysteries of Dallback Ridge” tells the story of Don and Jeff, two students from New York, who embark on a once in a lifetime spring bread adventure to Florida. An unfortunate streak of events land them in the middle of a deadly secret in the hills of West Virginia that will change their lives forever.133 pages, softbound.
by Rock Foster. What impact did this obscure little mountain village and the Hughes family have on the lives of some of the most notable characters of the Civil War? Faith, family, fighting and fortune are explored in this fast moving historical novel. “…we intended to cross Hughes Ferry if Gauley ran blood,” said Union General Rosencrans pursuing Confederate General Floyd. The waves of war crashed through the tranquil river valley, placing the Hughes family in peril. They became pawns in the hands of generals, future presidents, warring armies and bushwhackers. The people were real. The geography is real. The war was real. Let yourself slip away into the past and enter a world of revolution, sacrifice and romance. An adventure awaits you. A historical novel set in the area of the Gauley River. Hardback. 277 pages.
"Hardy, tenacious, fiercely independent, Indians, Scotch-Irish, Germans, "Stonewall" Jackson, General Lightburn, Freddie Wyant. Trans-Allegheny Asylum for the Insane, the Ice Cream Cone, the Bailey House. Oil and gas, coal, hand blown glass. All describe old Lewis County, the heart of Central West Virginia, where from 1769 to the present its citizens have seen prosperity come and go, where today the community struggles to propel itself into the twenty-first century through tourism and recreation and the newly created Stonewall Jackson Lake." So begins the dust-jacket text of A Pictorial History of Old Lewis County: The Crossroads of Central West Virginia. This fully indexed, 224-page award-winning book contains more than 300 pictures and interesting descriptive prose of life in Lewis County. With very few exceptions, every person in every photograph is identified. Text from the photograph captions define the script of the book without being repetitive. Written under the auspices of the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants by the late Charles H. Gilchrist and his wife, Joy L. Gregoire Gilchrist (now DeFazio), the book is a "must read" for those with roots in Lewis County. Published by Donning Publishing Company, a subsidiary of Walsworth Publishing Company. Originally sold for $52.00! Now on sale for $19.08
The Complete Line of The Akro Agate Co. Manufacturer of Akro Agate Marbles, Juvenile Glass Tea Sets
by Roger and Claudia Hardy, is not only a collectors catalogue but a history of the Akro Agate Company of Clarksburg, WV. The company was formed in Akron, Ohio by Dr. George T. Rankin, Gilbert C. Marsh and Horace C. Hill. On March 23, 1911 they applied for the “Akro Agate” trademark which was registered in August of the same year. After a couple of years showing success, they decided to purchase a larger building and expand their operation. In late 1914 the company moved to Clarksburg, WV. Much of the success of “Akro Agate” can be attributed to their ability to capitalize on automation and the changing world markets between the two world wars. The original patent enabled “Akro” to mass produce glass marbles cheap enough to corner the world market. “Akro” continued to produce marbles, ashtrays and small containers, children’s dishes, and powder jars until 1946 when cheap plastics and metal toy dishes became cheaper to produce than glass. By 1949 they decided to close and stop production. On April 24, 1951 they had a final auction sale and sold everything. Roger and Claudia Hardy are avid collectors and historians of “Akro Agate”. 135 pgs. Softbound.Catalog HC7950-RCH1. $15.00; Price List. HC-7950RCH2. $10.00
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100 images of the town and people of Roanoke collected by various HCPD members and recorded on CD.
by Oren F. Morton, A well-researched history written of Preston County, WV. Includes a historical and cultural look at Preston County, WV Reprint by McClain Printing Company 2000. Hardbound. 564 pgs.
This early history compiled in an awhile ago time by Clark Sprigg has been retyped and is published by HCPD. Indexed. 31 pages.
This booklet briefly reviews the history of the Weston State Hospital, aka Trans-Allegheny Asylum for the Insane, a National Register Landmark building, from its beginnings in 1858 to its closing in 1994. Contains list of those building hospital in 1860, 1861, and 1872, a list of reasons for admission to hospital, and 1880 census of patients and employees. Written by Joy Gilchrist-Stalnaker.32 pages. Staple-bound.
compiled by Joy Gregoire Gilchrist Selected abstracts from the newspapers of the day. Contains more than 1400 names. 46 pages. Indexed. Softbound
by Joy Gilchrist. When the Preston County Courthouse was burned in March 1869, all county court records were destroyed. These papers, the only extant local records for the period before the fire, contain marriages, deaths, wills and other information that cannot be found elsewhere.
A video presentation of poetry and images by Virgil L. Smith. DVD format. See Also "Beyond Autumn, Poems of the Seasons" and "Where the Whippoorwill Sings" by the same author.
by Helen Hall Garrett and Betty Robinson Sorrentino. Freemansburg, represented by a very tiny dot on the map, has been called “home” by generations of central West Virginians. The people of Freemansburg are a unique blend of Appalachian culture and Scotch-Irish tradition. Loyal and steadfast to their homeland, many can trace their roots unbroken to the original founding fathers and mothers of the area. This account will reveal how Freemansburg evolved through many states: from an Indian hunting ground to a rugged new village of settlers to a thriving little town and finally to a quiet hamlet in the hills. The story includes the development of churches, schools, and businesses in the town, as well as an account of the homes and families that resided in them. Softback, 7.5” x 9”, 214 pages.
Bemis & Glady WV by Steve Bodkins $40.00
A History of two mountain towns. This is a exciting history of the rise and fall of the towns of Bemis, Glady, Flint, Montes, Woodrow and Morribell in Randolph County. Full of census records, stories, pictures and biographies. Comes with small map with location of the towns.
Virgil L. Smith CD format. A collection of seasonal poems accompanied by beautiful images done by the author as well. HC-7950VLS $7.00 See also "Appalahian Roots" and Where the Whippoorwill Sings" by same author.
Blue Steel, Timber & Steam; A Scrapbook of tales from Boom-era Allegheny $25.00
David Armstrong. If you like true stories and tales about Appalachian Mountain people of the old times, you should like this book. If you like stories about trains, loggers, and coal mines, you may also enjoy these notes. From train wrecks to train robberies, from shootouts to sports, from hunting and fishing to gunslingers and moonshiners, it’s all here. It is full of yarns about life in the woods in a bygone time – plus details about many of the natural wonders of the Allegheny Region. From Jesse James to Henry Gassaway Davis and from African Americans to Dunkard preachers, many are the characters herein. Common folk. Real people. From the Allegheny River of northwestern Pennsylvania to the Clinch River Valley in southwestern Virginia, there are the stories of the people who lived the hard life and who carved a state out of a trackless mountain range. Special attention has been given to women – how they lived, loved and suffered. Tales about such varied topics as tourism, wild west shows and a duel with one gun are told by the people who were there to see them. The reader need not read the entire book to enjoy it. Whether he or she wants to learn something along the way is left up to the reader. 143 pgs. 8 1/2x11, softbound.
Written by Lucullus McWhorter. and later annotated by Thwaites. McWhorter explored the lives and times of several families who lived along the western frontier during the last half of the seventeenth century with special emphasis on the French & Indian War, the Revolution, and border warfare. This book is a definite "must have" for anyone interested in pioneer life in northwestern Virginia (now West Virginia), Ohio, and Kentucky and should take its place alongside Wither's CHRONICLES OF BORDER WARFARE, Doddridge's NOTES ON THE SETTLEMENT AND INDIAN WARS, and DeHass' HISTORY OF THE EARLY SETTLMENT AND INDIAN WARS OF WEST VIRGINIA. ONE OF THE BIG FOUR. Indexed.
Written by Alexander Scott Withers (ISBN 0-87012-000-X. Revised edition of the famous history of the settlement of northwestern Virginia (West Virginia) and of the Indian wars in that section. Edited and annotated by Reuben Gold Thwaites. Original compilers of the information were William Hacker and William Powers. Withers was given the contract for the book after Hacker's and Power's deaths by a Mr. Israel, a Clarksburg, (West) Virginia, publisher. ONE OF THE BIG FOUR! Paperback. 468 pages. Indexed.
kept by Goerge Fielding Bragg. Transcribed by Vivian Hytovick. Contains names of class members, birth and death dates of some. Indexed 13 pages.
Mary Legg Stevenson’s most recent work, chronicles through photographs the history of many of West Virginias southern coal mining towns. For a time coal was king in West Virginia. Today, most of the mines have closed, and many of the towns are gone. To tell the story of generations of hard working West Virginians both coal miners and enterprising businessmen we have mainly fading memories and old photographs. Volume 2 tells the story of Beckley when it was the “Capitol of the Coalfields.” It also tells the story of many once vibrant towns, some of which no longer exist. Watch as West Virginia moved into a new century: as burgeoning coal towns filled with churches, schools, stores, and theatres. Read about coal barons, among them two brothers who came on foot from Tennessee to make their fortunes. This book contains all of the photographs in Stevenson’s first two books, From Affinity to Winding Gulf (1989) and From Ameagle to Wingrove (1990). Coal Towns, Vol. 2 also contains over a hundred previously unpublished rare photos of Beckley and surrounding communities. “ …These coal towns are portrayed as their residents saw them, in all their grit and glory. Whether large (Beckley) or small, these coal camps and communities gave southern West Virginia its character. 265 pages, paperback.
Written by Mary Legg Stevenson “In the late 19th century, the advent of coal mining on a large scale changed the face of the West Virginia mountains forever”. So begins Mary Leg Stevenson’s latest book. A native of the West Virginia coalfields, Stevenson has compiled a marvelous group of historical photographs, which document the history and ways of life of many West Virginia coal camps. Back when “Coal was King” new towns sprang up, and fortunes were earned almost overnight. Almost as quickly, many of the mines closed down and the towns either disappeared without a trace or became ghost towns. This book is a collection of hundreds of antique photographs documenting the coal towns of southern West Virginia. 176 pages, 257 photos, soft cover.
from the original press manuscript as it appeared in The Weston independent 1921-1922. Written by David B. Cook of the Independent. Typed and indexed for HCPD by Linda B. Meyers in 2001. 53 pages. Indexed. Soft-bound. Explores the history of Collins Settlement and names many of the persons living there. It some cases, it tells where family’s migrated when leaving Lewis County. Contains a great deal of genealogy.
by Hu Maxwell. The territory now embraced in Barbour County formed a part of Virginia from the first settlement about 1607 until 1863, when it became a portion of West Virginia/ Hardbound. 1997 reprint of the 1898 history. 517 pages.
by John Davison Sutton. "If from the past that is rapidly disappearing by the passing of the early settlers in Braxton County, we shall be able to collect a few notes of interest, and preserve a brief historical sketch of the incidents and early customs relating to central WV with biographical sketches of some of her early citizens, it may be of interest to some in the future." 1997 reprint of Sutton's 1919 book. Printed by McClain. Hardbound. 460 pages. HC-7950-BXC $45.00
by Hu Maxwell. A history of Randolph County, WV, from ists earliest settlement in 1898. McClain Publishing Company's reprint of the 1898 history. Hardcover, 532 pages.
Wills De Hass. An account of the various expeditions in the west, previous to 1795. The early history of that which relates to Western Virginia and its borders is of special interest to our historical heritage. ONE OF THE BIG FOUR. Paperback. 416 pages.
by Cleta M. Long. This 1965-1995 documentation of the history of the WV county contains over 80 photos of the area and the people who make up the Tucker County region. Published in 1996 by McClain. Indexed. Hardbound, 502 pages.
by Homer Floyd Fansler originally published in 1962 by McClain.One of the most complete county histories ever published in WV with 48 pages of pictures and fully documented with 1,000 footnotes, this tiled continues Tucker County's history following Hu Maxwell's account of the first 28 years. This is the third printing. Hardbound. Indexed. 737 pages
Images of America: Lewis County (HC-7950JBO) $21.99
by Joy Gilchrist-Stalnaker & Bradley R. Oldaker. Since the first documented arrival of white men in its borders in 1769, Lewis County has morphed from a howling wilderness known simply as West Augusta, Virginia, to a major player in a hub of interstate highway transportation and a recreational area with a number of tourist destinations. Formed from Harrison County in 1816, Lewis County and its 17,003 citizens represent the best of central West Virginia. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Jackson's Mill, Stonecoal Lake, and Stonewall Jackson Lake define the county by their unique place in history. The county's native sons and daughters have been industrialists, U.S. senators, Civil War generals, and nationally recognized athletes. They have been the fabric that makes America the great country it is today: the ordinary, everyday citizen who lives life to its fullest potential while enduring whatever struggle fate sets before them. Coauthors Joy Gilchrist-Stalnaker and Bradley R. Oldaker each bring multiple talents to the project. Both are passionate about local history as recorded in word and image. Gilchrist-Stalnaker's talent is recording the story in written word. Oldaker's expertise is in the county's images. Images of America: Lewis County combines the best talents of both. The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country. Anyone having any connection to Lewis County will thoroughly enjoy this new history. 127 pgs. Softbound.
Images of America: Tucker County HC-7950CP) $21.99
Cynthia Phillips. This volume tells the story of Tucker County’s history through the visual records of its communities, families, and industries. Carved out of Randolph County, Virginia, in 1856, Tucker County’s early history played out in the farming communities of the Cheat River Valley. Beginning in 1884, the shrill whistle of industrialist Henry Gassaway Davis’s railroad, the West Virginia Central and Pittsburg, woke the area to dramatic changes. New towns like Davis, Thomas, and Parsons grew up and prospered in response to the developing nation’s demand for lumber and coal. Author Cynthia A. Phillips brings together a collection of classic images from all corners of Tucker County. Featured prominently are the lasting images of the people and families who contributed to building these hometowns, the businesses, their schools, and churches. The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country. 128 pgs. Softbound.
By Arlice L. Rose.Visit the beautiful mountains of West Virginia through the eyes of Arlice Rose, a keen observer of nature, politics, and people. This collection of her weekly newspaper columns tells of life along Erbacon Road. (Webster County) She portrays the beauty of the land, questions the marvels of modern science, and voices her opinion on everything from the Cabbage Patch Doll to White House scandals.Paperback, 179 pages. HC-7993C.
Alphonse de Lamartine said, "History is neither more nor less than biography on a large scale." And so it is with the newly release companion to the above book. Lewis County, West Virginia: Her People and Places contains more than 600 true stories of Lewis County families, businesses, events, and places of yesterday and today written by people from Washington State to Florida and Maine to New Mexico, with a few from West Virginia thrown in for good measure. More than 500 photographs define the text and add color to this book, the colorful dust jacket of which features the beloved McWhorter cabin at Jackson's Mill. Edited by Joy L. Gilchrist- Stalnaker with help from a cadre of volunteers across the country, this 256-page book is indexed.
LIFE AND TIMES OF ANN BAILEY: Pioneer Heroine of the Greater Kanawha Valley (HC-7950) $9.95
by Virgil A. Lewis. From Lewisburg to Charleston and Point Pleasant, Ann Bailey was the embodiment of pioneer spirit; clad in buckskin leggings with a rifle slung over her shoulder, a woman who lived larger than life. Her daring solo horseback ride across the Midland Train in 1791 to save Fort Clendinin (Charleston) from siege is just one of the exploits covered in this text. Author Virgil Lewis was able to interview people who knew Bailey, making this the most accurate of the Bailey biographies. Back in print after more than a century, with new index, a map, and supplemental photographs. (Remember the wonderful portrayal of Mad Ann Bailey by Becky Smith that we had the opportunity of experiencing during Gathering 2004!!)Paperback. 90 pages, 6x9.
narrated by Donovan Bond, the series includes: The French & Indian War on the Appalachian Frontier; The Scots-Irish in Western Virginia; Dunmore’s War: On the Eve of the Revolution; The Civil War in West Virginia; The Forts in the Forests; The Mountain Tongue; Stories from the Mountains; Appalachian Folk Tales & Traditions; The Appalachian Seasons; The Jackson’s Mill Historic Area and the 4-H Movement & Jackson’s Mill; and Appalachia From Earliest Times to the Civil War. The tapes are $10.00 each or the series of ten may be purchased for $75.00. Please indicate individual titles wanted in the comments section of your order form.
For 65 years, travelers in WV have enjoyed the inscriptions found on hundreds of historical markers along the states highways and byways. Now, the information from all these markers is available in one handy volume. With complete inscriptions arranged geographically by county, more than 100 historic photographs and a brief history of West Virginia’s marker program. Titled Marking Our Past, it is the most comprehensive collection to date of these popular reminders of our rich past. Developed by the West Virginia Division of Culture and History.
by Patricia Marsh True. A historical, fun-filled story that tells about the life of the author as a student and teacher in one-room schools in Barbour County. Paperback, 88 pages.
William Christian Dodrill explores the Appalachians from the American Revolution to the Civil War. 320 pages.
By Frances Myers Schmetzer. A collection of columns first published by the author in the Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder between April, 1999 and October , 2005. Has lots of information regarding various places, events and people of Gilmer County. Softbound,323 pages.
Joseph Doddridge describes the settlement and Indian wars of the western parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania from 1763 to 1783 inclusive. ONE OF THE BIG FOUR! Annotated. Paperback. Indexed. 320 pages.
OLIVER LETTERS: Early Recollections of the Town of Weston (HC-7037) $10.00
Compiled & Indexed by Linda Brake Meyers. A collection of letters published in Weston newspapers in 1982 from George P. Oliver describing the town of Weston, West Virginia, in 1844. He also describes the folks who lived there as well as some of the people out in the county. Worth its weight in gold for researchers of Lewis County.
One Hundred Years in Christ August 1911 - August 2011 (HC-7625C) $25.00
This is a history of the Broad Street United Methodist Church of Weston, WV compiled form the church's 100 th. anniversary. Contains biographical sketches of all ministers who have served the church; as well as a history of the church and many biographical sketches of past members. Also contains many historical pictures of the church.Hardback 156 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 format.
Ordered & Resolved or Board of Dir. Minutes During Construction of Asylum(1858-1881)(HC-7566C) $32.50
Abstracted and Annotated by Joy Stalnaker DeFazio, 260 pages chockfull of the facts and foibles of building one of the largest hand-cut blue sandstone buildings in the world. Building the Lunatic Asylum West of the Alleghenies tested the talents of the population in the tiny town of Weston where the roads were poor at best and the skills among its 800 souls were limited. Through the construction of what is now, in the 21st Century, a National Landmark, the town began to grow. From its earliest days, it defined our town. The hospital has since closed and is now owned privately, but it still is a defining characteristic of our town and Lewis County, West Virginia.
By Judith Mayfield Davis. Born at Wolf Summit, WV, Mrs. Davis holds degrees from Fairmont State College and WVU. Her writings reflect her experiences from teaching at a reform school for boys, a southern elementary school when integration was begun, early intervention Headstart and several years at Flatwoods Elementary. Softbound, 100 pgs.
By Carol Hughes Bell and Hilda Grose. For over 100 years the Nicholas Chronicle has recorded the Summersville area history in word and picture. Its notable publishers and editors have helped shape not only the town but the county. It is only fitting, then, that the visual image of Summersville’s past and people should begin with the Chronicle. Photos were scavenged from backroom and basement files by photo-historians, Carol Bell and Hilda Grose. Publisher, Betty Dilley found a forgotten box of photos deep in her closet. Photos were solicited and history written around photos that “connected” old families with modern ones, gave details to photos which told why they were important, which in turn made the book twice as interesting, twice as valuable. Hardback 8 ½ x 11. 192 pages.
TAKEN FROM THE SUMMERSVILLE CHRONICLE; Part of Summersville Past (HC-7995CHG) $16.00
By Bonita Bell and Hilda Gross. Contains many articles of interest taken from the Summersville Chronicle newspaper. It covers the period of 1903-1923. Spiral bound soft back, consisting of 142 pages.
Tales of Old Orlando (a forgotten railroad town) (7950DP) $45.00
This book is a collection of diverse stories about Orlando, its life and times, but could easily be a story about any rural West Virginia town, or any small town in the United States. During the 20th. century, in order to go to Charleston, a person who lived in Morgantown or Elkins made the trip by railroad. The most direct rail link ran through a small town on the Lewis County-Braxton County border called Orlando. These are the stories compiled, some serious, humorous, stories of murder and mayhem and stories about plain, old country folk.This book was written by David Parmer and is 396 pages long. Soft paperback cover.
Due to the overwhelming response to his book by readers, his son, Dr. Greenbrier Almond, published a second volume, Tender Loving Care: Stories of a West Virginia Doctor Volume Two. Using as his source videotapes of Harold’s fifty-two appearances on his son’s television show, Tender Loving Care, Greenbrier has put into writing seventy additional stories of his father’s very colorful life. Some of the stories are humorous, some are poignant, and all give insight into the challenges and rewards of small town medicine. 132 pages, Softbound
Written by scholar and master storyteller Alan Eckert, this narrative history spans nearly eighty years and peopled with fascinating characters both familiar (such as Daniel Boone) and less famous (young Betty Zane). This book shows us the heroism and savagery on the parts of both whites and native people, the political pressures on the Colonies' British governors to hold back expansion, and the enterprising and indomitable spirit of America's earliest pioneers. A MUST READ for persons with roots in what is now West Virginia and Ohio in frontier times. The footnotes are as important as the text of the book! Paperback. Indexed. 810 pages.
Published by the Bicentennial Anniversary Committee of the Church in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the church in July, 2004. This is a comprehensive history of the church, including biographical sketches of the ministers of the church, including J.A.J. Lightburn. 96 pages.
by Allan W. Eckert is a “must have” for researchers of the earliest settlement times in what is now West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Explores the lives and times of men like Tecumseh, George Rogers Clark, Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, and Anthony Wayne. The footnotes are as important and enlightening as the text of this award-winning book. Paperback. Indexed.( Additional books in this series also available)
THE MONONGALIA STORY (5 separate volumes)
Earl L. Core, author. Probably the most voluminous of all the West Virginia county histories is The Monongalia Story. The first volume (subtitled Prelude) contains a general description of the county, including its geology, flora, fauna, and an account of the aborigines, followed by a record of more than 1,000 early settlers. Indexed. Hardbound. Part I - HC-7950-MS1 $35.00 The second book in this series presents the history of the county (all of old Monongalia County) from its establishment in 1776 up to 1826. Hardbound. Indexed. Part II - HC-7950-MS2 $40.00 Book III, HC-7950-MS3 $50.00. The fourth book in this series, subtitled "Industrialization," tells the story of the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial base between 1876 and 1926. Hardbound. Indexed. HC-7950-MS4 $45.00 Now available: Volume V, gives the history of the period from 1926 to 1976, stressing the development of West Virginia University into the county's principle element. HC-7950-MS5.
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by Sam W. Hardman & W. H. Peterson with new maps by Hartzel Strader, indexed. 62 pages.
THE PIONEERS: Sketches Written by John Strange Hall (1826-1912) (HC-7950)
These stories were published in a newspaper of their day, collected and saved by Hall’s daughter, Mary Strange Hall. The stories recall life in a earlier time. Indexed. 40 pages. HC-7950 $10.00
Written by J. C. McWhorter, this book adds vigor to the history of the days of border warfare in Western Virginia. The book was originally published in 1927. Contains photographs of sites where several historic events occurred. Footnoted. This book is a must-have for those interested in the period. It is a great companion for Chronicles of Border Warfare, Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia, and other major reference books of the period.
In 1997 Dr. Harold Almond published a collection of 55 short stories about his experiences as a small town doctor in Central West Virginia Dr. Almond was born in 1915 to a large, close-knit family in New Jersey. Through the wise counsel of his Scout Master, Harold developed a love of the woods and spent many years helping blaze the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail in Vermont. Coming to the mountains and forests of West Virginia to attend West Virginia Wesleyan College, Harold began a never-ending love affair with this wondrous place. It was here he met his wife of 51 years, Lois Flanagan. Even during the years at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago and his stint in the Army Air Force in occupied Japan, his heart was in the hills. He and Lois returned to Upshur County, WV in 1949. Together they raised five children and opened their home to numerous international students, devoted hours to planting their gardens and strawberry patches, were actively involved in their community, and above all, tended to the lives of his patients. Until his death in 1999, Dr. Almond and his collie dog, McBrier, lived in the family home of 40 years on a hill overlooking the town of Buckhannon. He enjoyed writing, telling stories to his friends and seven grandchildren, and voraciously reading detective stores. 120 pages, Softbound
Transcribed by Cathy Layton and indexed by Joy Stalnaker. Contains many names from the Weston area of this period of time.
by Joy Gilchrist with assistance from Robert B. Smith. A guide to Historic Hacker's Creek, 64 pages of history on 34 historic sites. Easy reading. 64 pages.
UNCLE ZEKE -The Bard of Buzzard Town (HC-7950DP-2) $25.00
by David Parmer. Before the birth of the famous Will Rogers, the Oil Creek Valley, wedged between the communities of Orlando and Burnsville gave rise to another witty and sardonic fellow by the name of Patrick Newton Blake. In addition to the names of “P.N” and “Newt” he answered journalistically to the name of “Uncle Zeke” for over forty years. He gained fame in central WV from the last decade of the 19th century until the late 1930’s by writing a newsy and humorouscolumn initially for the Weston World and later the Weston Independent and Braxton Democrat. In his weekly column he regaled the readers about folk of “Buzzard Town”, his mythical community. This book passes on the humor of Uncle Zeke as portrayed in his weekly columns. Hard cover, 182 pgs. $25.00.
UP ON LOCATION HC-7564C) $18.00
Bill and Mary Wiles The story of a West Virginia mountain farm, a road and the people who lived there. Primarily, the story centers on the family of William and Hazel Wiles, but also gives a wonderful account of rural life in the mountains of Tucker County, WV. Mary Wiles enjoyed hearing her husband’s stories of growing up on the farm and decided to write them down in an album to take to family reunions. After about two years of writing and collecting family pictures, they decided to publish a book. Bill and Mary met in 1959 while he was on TDY in Bermuda and she was there on vacation. Two days after they met, he proposed and two years later they were married when he was discharged from the service. He was a farm boy who only got electricity in his home in 1950. She was a city girl who lived in a row house in Reading, Pennsylvania. They are the parents of two children and now have four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Their ancestors lived about twenty miles apart in the Palatine region of Germany and immigrated to the New World in the 1600s and 1700s. Tucker County was names after a Virginia jurist, Henry St. George Tucker who was born in –Bermuda! 217 pages, softbound.
The Exceptional Life Story of Nonhelema, Shawnee Indian Woman Chief By James Alexander Thom and Dark Rain Thom Her name was Nonhelema. Literate, lovely, imposing at over six feet tall, she was the Women's Peace Chief of the Shawnee Nation. Sister to Cornstalk, she was already a legend when the most decisive decade of her life began in 1774. That fall, with more than three thousand Virginians poised to march into the Shawnee's home, Nonhelema's plea for peace was denied. So she loyally became a fighter, riding into battle covered in war paint. Filled with rich historical detail and descriptions that are Thom's trademarks, Warrior Woman is a memorable historical novel. Paperback.
West Virginia Glass Towns (7950) $29.95
Written by Dean Six. A book of beginning, a starting point in telling West Virginia's history of glass in the mountain state. The large story is about a complex social connection of labor unions, employees and factory owners. Also includes maps, photographs, postcard images, catalogue pages, advertisements and letterheads to show the complex texture of glass history in the mountain state. Hardback. 230 pages.
West Virginia Glass Towns (7950) $29.95
Written by Dean Six. A book of beginning, a starting point in telling West Virginia's history of glass in the mountain state. The larger story is about a complex social connection of labor unions, employers and factory owners. Also includes maps, photographs and post card images, catalogue pages, advertisements and letterheads to show the complex texture of glass history in the mountain state. Hardback. 230 pages
was written by Otis K. Rice and Stephen W. Brown. From bloody skirmishes with Indians on the early frontier to the Logan County mine war, the story of West Virginia is punctuated with episodes as colorful and rugged as the mountains that dominate its landscape. In this first modern comprehensive history, the authors balance these episodes of mountaineer individualism against the complexities of industrial development and the growth of social institutions, analyzing the events and personalities that have shaped the state. To create this history, the authors weave together many strands from the past and the present. Included among these are geological and geographical features; the prehistoric inhabitants; exploration and settlement; relations with the Indians; the land systems and patterns of ownership; the Civil War and the formation of the state from the western counties of Virginia; the legacy of Reconstruction; politics and government; industrial development; labor problems and advances; and cultural aspects such as folkways, education, religion, and national and ethnic influences. 344 pages, maps, photos, hard cover with dust Jacket.
A collection of poetry by Virgil L. Smith. Born the twelfth of thirteen children, the author grew up on Sinking Creek in Gilmer County, West Virginia. It was there on that hillside farm the scent of honeysuckle flooded the evening valley. It was among those rocks he early tasted the sweetness of the ground ivy berry. It was there he walked through sunshine and shadow into manhood. Like thousands of others in the 1950’s he migrated to Ohio and found a career in teaching, but half his heart never left the hills he roamed as a child. All his writing was inspired and shaped by the span of life on Sinking Creek in the Appalachian Hills. That is where the whippoorwill sings. Paperback, 176 pages. See also "Beyond Autumn" and "Appalachian Roots" by this author.
by Bill Adler. A collection of material abstracted from early Weston, Lewis Co., WV, newspapers and published as a column in the 1980's in the "Weston Democrat." A MUST for genealogical and historical research in Lewis County. Indexed. HC-7021 Vol. I (Aug. 1862-Mar 1876)$12.00; HC-7021 Vol. II( Mar 1876-Dec 1883)$15; HC-7022-Vol. III(Jan 1884-Aug 1884)$12; HC-7024-Vol. IV(Sept 1884-Dec 1885)$17.00; HC-7025-Vol V(Dec 1885-Oct 1869)327 pgs. $17.00; HC-7150-Vol VI(Oct 1869-Jun 1871) 211 pgs.$15.00; HC-7151- Volume VII (June 1871-Sept. 1872.) 312 pages, Indexed $17.00; HC-7152-Volume VIII (Sept 1872-Nov. 16, 1874 270 pages, indexed $17.00; HC-7153-Vol. IX(Nov 1874-Dec 1875)307 pgs. $17.00;
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HC-7154-Vol.X(Jan 1876-June 1867) 369 pgs. $18.00. NEW! Yesteryears - Volume XI – The final volume in the collection of material abstracted by historian Bill Adler from early Weston, Lewis Co., WV, newspapers and published as a column in the 1980’s in the “Weston Democrat”. This new volume in the series covers the period of June 16, 1877 through December 28, 1878. These volumes are a MUST for anyone doing genealogical or historical research in Lewis County. Very interesting reading for anyone. This volume consists of 425 pages plus a 48 page index to names, places and significant events. Softbound and three-hole punched. HC-7155 $20.00
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ATLAS & GAZATEER (HC-7950) $19.95
ATLAS & GAZATEER: Topographic Maps of the Entire State w/GPS Grids and back roads. Published 1997 by DeLorme.
Original map drawn by Robert B. Smith, from the first Hacker’s Creek Survey. Shows original plats and owners. Recently enlarged and reprinted, this 24' x 24" map is suitable for framing.
LEWIS COUNTY MAP (HC-7501) $20.00
LEWIS COUNTY 1883 MAP Suitable for framing.
A perfect compliment to the Lewis County Cemetery books, this map was compiled by Hartzel Strader and Joy L. Gilchrist Stalnaker. Locates all cemeteries known as of 30 May 2000. 11” X 17” Shipped in a tube.
MAP OF UPSHUR COUNTY, WV-1905 ((HC-7140UC) $12.00
A.B. Brooks reprint. 30x40 inches, black & white.
by Robert B. Smith. Shows locations of churches, schools, cemeteries, forts, Indian camps, early settlers, Indian massacres on Hacker's Creek in northern Lewis Co & parts of Harrison & Upshur counties, WV. Staple bound in booklet form
compiled by Robert B. Smith & Howard Bonnett. Bride, groom, minister, bondsmen, parents where given, dates of marriage and/or minister's return for all extant marriage bonds & records. Arranged alphabetically by bride and groom and separated by bonds and records. 34,000 names, 250 pages. Copies of originals may be obtained from HCPD.
CENTRAL WV VETERANS - Compiled and edited by HCPD. A pictorial history of veterans of Central West Virginia from the Revolutionary War to present day Iraq, this book contains pictures and brief military histories of more than 500 individuals. These stories were submitted by veterans, their families and friends. Published as a tribute to these men and women who have served their country proudly, this book is a must-have for those interested in military history or those researching Central West Virginia families. It contains much information that is not available elsewhere regarding the military history of these men and women. The book is 8.5 x 11 inches, soft bound, containing 100 pages. Arranged in alphabetical order with surname index to parents and spouses.
A pictorial history of veterans of Central West Virginia from the Revolutionary War to present day Iraq, this book contains pictures and brief military histories of more than 400 individuals submitted since the publication of Book I. These stories were submitted by veterans, their families and friends. Published as a tribute to these men and women who have served their country proudly, this book, is a must-have for those interested in military history or those researching Central West Virginia families. It contains much information that is not available elsewhere regarding the military history of these men and women. The book is 8.5 x 11 inches, soft bound, containing 140 pages. Arranged in alphabetical order with surname index to parents and spouses. This book also include a listing of all known veteran burials in Lewis County and the cemeteries where they are buried. Also included is a listing of Lewis County veterans who are buried in cemeteries outside of Lewis County.
Mary Genevieve Ward, edited by Randy Allan. A collection of Civil War stories and legends of Beverly and Rich Mountain, West Virginia, where on the eleventh of July 1861, the first real battle of the Civil War was fought. The writer, a native of Beverly, decided to collect these legends before they became extinct. Paperback.
Written by John W. Shaffer and published by West Virginia University Press in 2003, this Civil War history is a must for your collection. From the book jacket: The wounds of the Civil War cut most bitterly in the border states, that Strip of America from Maryland to Kansas where conflicting loyalties and traditions ripped apart communities, institutions, and families. Barbour County…is a telling microcosm of the deep divisions which both caused the war and were caused by it….
Edited by Victor L. Thacker. Written by a man respected by his friends and his foes, these memoirs reveal life as a company commander and the authors passion and intelligence. Integrity and courage mark French Harding’s career as a soldier. For these qualities and others, people elected him to positions of trust later in life; member of the West Virginia 1872 constitutional convention; sheriff of Randolph County and later two terms in the State Legislature.
Authors Terry Lowry and Stan Cohen share a mutual love of the visual image of the Civil War, in both photographs and artwork. In this book Lowry and Cohen have produced an important, comprehensive compilation of historic images depicting West Virginia during the War Between the States. Contains both never-before-published photographs as well as images that have been published in such period magazines as Harper’s Weekly and The New York Illustrated News. Because of the large number of images available, the authors decided to limit the focus of the book to photographs and drawings created from 1860 to 1865. An exception to this are the post-Civil War portraits of men who fought in the war, found in the chapter Carrying on the Memories. These are the most poignant and telling photographs in the book. Looking at the faces of these brave and aging men, you remember that their lives were forever altered by the bloody chapter that tore this nation apart. 206 pages, 450 photos, images, broadsides, etc., soft cover
John W. Schildt. “Stonewall” Jackson once said, “I cannot imagine anything more glorious than being a preacher.” Most people are aware of the relationship between Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, and a whole host of military figures. However, the last twelve years of his life were shaped by his close association with several Presbyterian preachers. Meet these men and discover Jackson’s faith in the pages of this book. Indexed. Paperback. 224 pages.
Written by Roy Bird Cook, 1924, and edited by West Virginia historian Boyd Stutler, this book explores the military operations around and about Lewis County as well as those who served from the county on both sides during the Great Conflict. "The significance of the operations in Lewis and adjoining counties cannot be measured by the number of troops engaged in holding the section, or by the fact that no great battle was fought within the sector. . .," said Stutler. Weston was the gateway to all points in the interior of what would become, as a result of the war, West Virginia. Contains listings of Lewis Countians who served on both sides. Indexed. Soft bound. Reprinted 2000 from manuscript retyped by Cindy Ethier-Kostka. 140 pgs.
This biography of Major General Harris, a member of the Military Commission that tried the President Abraham Lincoln assassination conspirators and the commander of the 10th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Union), 1861-1865, is of interest not just to the historian or Civil War buff but to the genealogist as well. This book contains the roster of the 10th West Virginia from 1861-1865 along with information about the soldier and the movements of the regiment through the war.
or A CITIZEN OF WESTON DURING THE LATE UNPLEASANTNESS by Thomas Bland Camden, M.D. with footnotes, index and new maps and pictures by Otis L. Reed. Proceeds from this book support both the HCPD Library and the Louis Bennett Public Library.
By Dennis B. Rodgers. In spite of the vast amounts of information available on the internet. much information must still be ferreted out in doing research in Colonial and Revolutionary War era times. One's research of records before 1782 in Virginia is pretty much limited to land and court records or military records. Over thirty years of research has prompted Dennis to compile this guide for using tax records, land records, court records, Pre-Revolutionary War Records and Revolutionary Records. Valuable information regarding these records, where to find them and how to use them. 32 pgs. Softcover.
THE CIVIL WAR IN WEST VIRGINIA: A Pictorial History (HC-7950PCW) $15.95
by Stan Cohen. This classic of these tough times in West Virginia is a must for the Civil War enthusiast of the Mountain State. 250 photos, 24 maps, 160 pages. Paperback.
TO THE FRONT AND BACK; A West Virginia Marine Fights World War I (HC-7950ML) $29.00
by Thomas Bryan McQuain,, edited by his daughter and HCPD member, Miriam McQuain Looker. When Thomas Bryan McQuain volunteered for the Marines in 1918 he had never been more than 25 miles from home. He had never seen a big city, or even a train. At twenty-one years of age, he had been helping on the family farm near Troy, WV, and teaching in a one room school. He survived some of the worst battles of the war before returning to Gilmer County. He was an astute observer of both places and people, and his keen eye is reflected in his narrative. The front lines, the flu of 1918, armistice, Pershing’s Honor Guard, the hardships of daily life, and much more come alive on these pages. Paperback, 279 pages.
This collection of WWII veterans from Upshur County was compiled by Nathaniel Jack in cooperation with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 3663. Does not necessarily contain all veterans from the county. Many photographs. 170 pages. Hardbound. Limited quantity.
by James Alexander Thom. When Mary Draper Ingles is captured by hostile Shawnee warriors, she uses her courage and intelligence to escape with another female captive, crossing the dangerous Virginia wilderness in search of her lost home. A true story written as historical fiction. Paperback.
A FOG OF GHOSTS (HC-7950JTD-2) $18.95
by John Douglas. John, a native of Cumberland, MD, was longtime editor of "The Morgan Messenger" in Berkeley Springs and "The Hancock News" in Hancock, MD. His work allowed him to explore history and legend in addition to local headlines. The stories were usually set in this area. Whether you are a resident of this area or simply a fan of ghost tales, this collection of ghost tales will provide a great read. Soft cover. 228 pgs.
At the Springs with George $15.95
by John Douglas. George Washington's life and adventures in Berkeley Springs and nearby WV, Va, Maryland and Pennsylvania, partly told in his own words.
E.J. Publishing
E.J. Publishing, French Creek & Kerens, WV has recently published reprints of several historical volumes which we are able to offer to you. Some of the titles currently available are: ANDERSONVILLE, A Story of Rebel Military Prisons – John McElroy Soft cover, 657 pages. HC-7996CS $40.00 A SOLDIER OF VIRGINIA – By Burton Egbety Stevenson. Softbound, 207 pgs. HC-7993CS-$15.00 WITH LEE IN VIRGINIA, A Story of the American Civil War – By G.A. Henty. Softbound, 292 pgs. HC-7992CS $18.00. CAPTAINS OF THE CIVIL WAR: A CHRONICLE OF THE BLUE AND THE GRAY – By William Wood. Volume 31, Chronicles of America Series. Softbound, 199 pgs. HC-7997CS- $15.00 THE SETTLERS; A TALE OF VIRGINIA – By William H.G. Kingston, Softbound 154 pgs. HC-7991CS- $15.00 THE CONQUEST OF THE OLD SOUTHWEST –By Archibald Henderson. Romantic story of the Early Pioneers into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky 1740-1790. Softbound 210 pages. HC-7994CS $15.00 THE SPIRIT OF THE BORDER, A Romance of the Early Settlers in the Ohio Valley – by Zane Grey, Softbound, 239 pgs. HC – 7995CS $18.00 ( any 3 Zane Grey for $35.00) THE LAST TRAIL – By Zane Grey, softbound,195 pgs. HC-7995AS $18.00 ( any 3 for $35.00) BETTY ZANE – By Zane Grey, Softbound, 237 pgs. HC-7995 BS- $18.00 ( any 3 for $35.00)
The Story of Mary Draper Ingles and son, Thomas Ingles. This small but important book contains the story of the Draper family’s settling of Western Virginia, and especially the story of the abduction of Mary Draper Ingles and her two sons, as told to author John Ingles, Sr., by his Mother, Mary Ingles. This book was used by author John Alexander Thom in the writing of the well known historical novel Follow the River. Anyone familiar with the heroic feats of Mary Ingles will enjoy reading this authors account of his mothers escape from Indian captivity. 39 pages, paperback,.
An overview of forts in what is now West Virginia and a brief study of the persons who built and/or lived in them. Includes names and dates. Abstracted from History of West Virginia Old and New by James Morton Callahan. Prepared by Perry Brake and indexed by Linda B. Meyers. Indexed. 15 pages. Staple bound soft cover.
by James Alexander Thom tells the tale of George Rogers Clark and his band as they made their march to Kaskaskia. Several frontiersmen from what would become the counties of Central West Virginia were with him. Though not mentioned by name, this book is great reading for background material on our pioneer ancestors. Paperback.
Glistenings-Till Death Do Us Part (HC-7950MOK) $15.00
by Michael D. O’Kelly. It is rare in today’s world to find a really true love story –captured in poetry and song –from love’s first ecstasies to the last agonies of dying and death. This is such a story. Michael O’Kelly shares it in Glistenings, from nearly fifty years of life, and writings, with his artist wife, Marilyn. Together they created a dynamic, enduring love; a rather “magical” one, to which this intriguing collection, gives lasting testimony. Indeed, this is a “lyric testament” to the wonderful relationship that can happen in a marriage. This special book “beckons’ to enhance the lives of others as they seek love’s fulfillment with death ever in the balance. 107 pages, softbound.
HC JOURNAL TABLE OF CONTENTS 1982-1996 (Vol. I-XIV) (HC-7616 $2.00
compiled by Charles Linsley.
forest green with gold print and HCPD logo.
Music CD by Gary Lee Tolley, singer, songwriter, recording artist and brother of HCPD’er Melvin Tolley. Gary has had his voice compared to Elvis and Roy Orbison. He enjoys all kinds of music but his greatest pleasure is singing and playing gospel music. This upbeat Christian CD consists of four original songs and five updated standards. A CD you are guaranteed to listen to again and again,.
Memorial Pavers $50.00
We are giving our members and others the opportunity to purchase an engraved Memorial Paver in your own name or that of a loved one which will become a permanent part of our facility as a memorial garden in one or two locations on our grounds. Each paver will be engraved by Lewis County Monument dealer, Doug Stalnaker. The engraved words may be one to three lines of 16 characters or spaces each. Each brick will be $50.00
The most complete one-volume work available on the Appalachian Cultural Heritage of West Virginians. Written by a group of West Virginia's finest scholars and edited by Dr. B. B. Maurer. The twelve chapters cover Man and the Appalachian Wilderness, Culture, Arts and Crafts, Language, Folklore and Literature, Family and Home, Music, Religion, Black Culture. A great resource to learn why West Virginians are the way "we" are. Very readable. Paperback. 352 pages.
OCTOBER SKY (HC-7950-OS) $7.99
formerly called The Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam is the true story of a teen-age boys in the mining town of Coalwood in southern West Virginia and their adventures and anxieties growing up in the 50s. Paperback.
by Joyce Harris-Thacker. Yes, it is possible to live the American dream. Joyce, David and Natalie Harris were proof of that. Joyce and David were high school sweethearts. They married, had a beautiful daughter and moved to an idyllic small college town in the hills of central West Virginia. David was a state trooper and loved his job. As a family, they were happily involved in peewee football, cheerleading, church youth groups, and school activities. Life was good! That all changed one fateful day. Trooper Dave Harris didn’t come home for dinner that evening. The officer at their door said he wouldn’t be coming home ever again. He had been killed in a car crash while responding to a robbery in progress alarm. (Ironically, a false alarm). “Opening Doors” chronicles the lives of this young daughter and mother, how they survived their grief and opened doors to once again celebrate life. 75 pages
PANTHER IN THE SKY (HC- 7950-PS) $7.99
by James Alexander Thom is an exciting adventure story about the life of the Shawnee chief Tecumseh who is known to have paid more than one visit to the Central West Virginia area. Paperback.
Past issues of the HACKER'S CREEK JOURNAL - Vol. IV-XXIX (HC-7030-1)
Issued quarterly by HCPD. Contents same as above, plus notification of happenings in Central WV, letters to & from members, etc. Four issues per volume. At least 200 pages per volume. HC-7030-1. $27/volume for non-members; $22/volume for members. Specify volume. Individual issues, $7.00 each.
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Linda B. Meyers, editor. Family histories, newspaper articles, other items similar to those in the Journal. 50 pages. Indexed.
Reminiscences of HCPD-L, 80 pages of remembering times gone by.
By Mary Rodd Furbee. In 1745, Mary Draper moved with her parents to Drapers Meadow in the Shenandoah Valley. Mary and her family were industrious and strong, quickly learning skills to survive on the frontier. In 1750, at the age of seventeen, Mary Draper Married twenty-year-old Will Ingles, the first wedding of two white settlers in the region. As more Europeans moved into the ares, tension between the settlers and the Native Americans increased. Raids and killings by both sides became common. One day a band of Shawnee warriors stormed Drapers Meadow, killing some settlers and burning the settlement to the ground. Taken captive were Mary, pregnant with her third child, her two young sons, and her sister-in-law. Through intuition and courage Mary impressed her kidnappers almost immediately. The captives were marched 800 miles over mountains to a Shawnee village on the Ohio River, presumably to spend the rest of their lives among the Shawnee tribe. But Mary vowed to escape and return to her husband and her people. The story of this remarkable woman’s harrowing and courageous trip home places Mary Ingles at the pinnacle of American frontier heroes. 112 pages, paperback. .
SIGN-TALKER (HC-7950-ST) $7.99
The Adventure of George Drouillard on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by James Alexander Thom. Following the Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson sends Lewis and Clark to explore the newly acquired territory. To survive, the two captains need an extraordinary hunter who will be able to provide the expedition with fresh game, and a sign-talker to communicate with the native tribes.
SONGS TO BE HEARD (HC-7621CD) $10.00
SONGS TO BE HEARD. Tape or CD by Denton King of Ireland, WV. Songs: Autumn in the Air; West Virginia’s Warm Embrace; Love Can Never be Created or Destroyed; You Kept the Faith, You Walked the Line: No Bridge to Cross or Burn; I Only Grow, from You Loving Me; Thank You; Foggy Morning; Hacker’s Creek. Specify tape or CD.
. This is a three-hour film on the history of a land and its people, told in story and song. The Appalachian Mountains have been called America’s “first frontier”. The story of the brave pioneers who settled this great wilderness is the story of America; immigrations, settlement, the Revolution and the Civil War, the growth of industry and the use and abuse of the land. In addition, Appalachia has had a powerful impact on American music, folklore and culture, giving birth to what we know today as country music. Featuring appearances by Ricky Skaggs, Loretta Lynn, Marty Stuart, Little Jimmy Dickens with an exclusive, extended interview with Johnny Cash. As seen on PBS television. Executive producer Mari-Lynn C. Evans was born in West Virginia. She was committed to telling the proud story of the Appalachian people and preserving the history of her region. HC-7950-MLE. $40.00 Soundtrack also available on CD. HC-7950MLE $12.00
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The Best Summer—Ubetcha! (HC-7950JSS2) $19.95
by Jim Stout is the story of two beautiful and talented teens who return to college in West Virginia after a three month “working vacation” in the Pacific Northwest. Their talents have been rewarded beyond their wildest dreams, and their pursuit of love and happiness may have also been rewarded. This is Jim Stout’s first foray into fiction, having worked previously mostly on catalogs and technical manuals for the electronic and related industries, as well as military equipment used on aircraft. He says he finds fiction enjoyable and challenging at the same time. 339 pgs. Softbound.
THE MAN UPSTAIRS (HC-7576C) $15.00
By Roscoe J. Bailey. The author born and raised in Weston, WV, spent more than 30 years in the teaching profession beginning in a one room school, through principal of Lewis County High School. In 1968 while recuperating from a heart attack, Mr. Bailey penned this reflection of "why" things happen to us and how we come to understand God's purpose in our lives. Hardcover 158 pgs.
TYBEE TIME (HC-7624C) $10.00
Gary Lee Tolley’s second music CD. This CD is loaded with Beach and country music with a Southern Rock flavor. The 10 songs include two originals, Tybee Island and Savannah
Every name index. Family histories, public records of all types, cemetery listings, queries, etc., pertaining to the history and genealogy of Central WV, with special emphasis on Lewis, Harrison, Upshur, Gilmer, Barbour, & Randolph Counties.
Jeanne Mozier's book is THE definitive guide - with great photos - to nearly 600 of the Mountain State's wildest and wackiest offerings. . . . And you can visit them all!! A great book to guide you through the Mountain State. Paperback. 254 pages.
by the West Virginia Humanities Council. 944 pages, 8.5 x 11. Working under the slogan, “All there is to know about West Virginia,” the editors of the West Virginia Encyclopedia packed 2,200 articles into the pages of this big book. These articles are the work of nearly 600 writers, experts in many fields pertaining to the history and culture of the Mountain State. You will find biographies of hundreds of West Virginians, including every governor; dozens of articles of West Virginia history, from Indian times to the present; histories of every county and all major towns and cities; West Virginia’s flora and fauna, folklore and folk arts; and more than 300 illustrations, maps, and tables. It is West Virginia’s authoritative reference, and it deserves a place in every West Virginian’s home.
WEST VIRGINIA, MY ANCESTORS LIVED HERE SWEATSHIRT. Shirt has white or black map of WV with the counties outlined. Each county contains the date that it became a county. Specify Navy or burgundy. M,L $18.00; XL, $19.00; 2X, $20.00. Specify size and color.
Shirt has white or black map of WV with the counties outlined. Each county contains the date that it became a county. Specify khaki, gray, California blue, burgundy, or navy, M, L. $14.00. XL, $15.00 2X-$16.00 Specify size and color.
Subtitled Fifty Years of West Virginia Poetry 1950-1999 and compiled as part of West Virginia Celebration 2000, this anthology is a treasure and a pleasure! Edited by Barbara Smith and Kirk Judd. Paperback. 418 pages.
Collectible Fenton Glass Vase
Collectible Fenton Glass Vase
This raffle is for a beautiful hand painted heavy glass Fenton Vase.  The vase is hand painted and signed by former Fenton artist Kathleen Sponsler.  It is a very collectible item.  The vase is 8” tall and 3 ¾” wide at top.  It has scallop edges at top.  The design is one of a lovely peacock and flowers.  Colors are purple, gold and blue.   We know the vase today is valued over $100.00 and the value will only go up, as this design is not being produced any longer. 
The raffle is running from Nov.30th to Dec. 18th.   We will draw a winner on Dec. 18th and mail if needed on Dec. 21st.   We will try, but won’t guarantee that it arrives before Christmas. Of course if local winner can pick up at library.
Tickets are $1.00 per ticket, or 6 for $5.00.  Buy as many as you wish!  If buying through the website, be sure to list your name, address and contact info.  We will, after receiving your payment print your tickets for the drawing.
This is a fundraiser for HCPD and all proceeds will go to the operation of our organization! We appreciate your support.